Robert "Bob" & Ryan Wright

Bob Wright started London Fog Chimney Clean & Repair Service

over 41+ years ago because he had the entrepreneurial spirit,

loves being outdoors and enjoys meeting people.

Bob knew the potential dangers a dirty or clogged 

chimney flue could cause, and wanted to make sure

families in his city and beyond were safe during the cold season.

As a youngster, Bob’s son, Ryan used to tag along with his father

and over the years learned firsthand

the ins and outs of the chimney sweep business.

Our Family business has continually been going nonstop 

and we have been truly blessed.

Bob, Ryan, and Bob's wife, Shirley have 

put excellent customer service,

customer satisfaction to the forefront;

and as a result we have an excellent second to none reputation. 

With Bob, Ryan, and Shirley’s knowledge, expertise,

work ethics, and friendly personalities,

it's no wonder London Fog Chimney Clean & Repair Service
is still around and going strong. 

Today, Bob and Ryan continue to provide top-notch,

affordable services for all your chimney and fireplace needs,

including Cleanings, Inspections and Repair.

We also would like to thank our 

loyal customers and friends and will
continue to provide the excellent service they have come to expect from London Fog Chimney Service.

So it would be a good idea to add chimney, dryer vent & gutter cleaning into your yearly maintenance budget. 

"We do it better.” 

Remember: We Wear Top Hats!

As Featured in The Rocky Mountains News "Spotlight" 

& The Fox News Channel!